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How sustainable is your digital lifestyle?

Gain insight by exploring our topics. Learn about your CO2 impact through our calculators or tasting experiences and take action with your own list of eco-friendly digital lifestyle measures.

Impact calculators

There is no doubt about it; how we use the internet determines how sustainable the internet will be in the future. For 10 topics related to digitalisation, we have gathered insights on how to reduce your digital footprint. Each section has a small calculator and an overview of ways you can hack towards an eco-friendly digital lifestyle.

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The eco-cost of internet activity can lead to a drastic increase in CO2 emissions over the next 10 years. An increase, while we so desperately need a decrease!

Wondering what affects the CO2 of your internet behaviour and what you can do about it? Read our topic pages, calculate your CO2 output with our calculators and select your ‘resolutions’ to surf on the green side.

Take Action

Each topic page has several actionable to-do’s you could try out! Visit the Take Action page to generate your battleplan!

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560 µg CO2 This image costed approximately 560 micrograms of CO2 to transfer.

Sensing CO2

Ever wondered how your inbox would taste? Sensing CO2 connects abstract numbers with direct experience, scientific data with human senses. Let your taste buds experience the different options of digital, connected communication.

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36 µg CO2 This image costed approximately 36 micrograms of CO2 to transfer.

About the project

E-missions is a digital platform to get insights and act on your own ecological digital footprint. This project gives you a new perspective on the hidden dimensions of digital behaviour. It plays with awareness and understanding of CO2 and how it should be part of our digital literacy. Let’s work towards an eco-friendly digital lifestyle, one resolution at a time.

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