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Online Gaming

Did you know that online gaming is growing exponentially?

We play online games because it convenient, diverse, interactive and it gives the possibility to play against other people. Game developers like to create online games because it allows for continuous in-game revenues through adds and in-game purchases. Because of this, we play more and more games online. In fact, in the age group 12-25 years, almost all youngsters play online, on average 11 hours per week in the Netherlands. What does online gaming mean for the environment? Calculate the impact.

CO2 Impact Calculator

Online gaming is seen as a form of sports. Electronic sports, or eSports. Professional eSport teams are popping up around the globe, implementing a top sport mentality to maximize the performers of gamers. eSporters train their game(s) 8 hours per day, each day of the year. Their impact can be offset by planting 34 new trees each year. How does your habit compare to an eSports gamer?


Do you want to embrace a greener digital lifestyle? Below we provide some tips. If you select one or multiple, it is stored locally. This is better for both CO2 emissions as it is for your privacy. By selecting a tip, it is added to your own battleplan, where you can always return to in the Take Action section.

  • Lower screen resolution & brightness

    Gaming on medium quality cuts data use by 40% and you probably won’t even notice the difference. Dimming the brightness of your screens not only saves up to 20% energy, it also lowers eye strain.

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  • Game on a laptop or your smart phone

    Laptops and smart phones consume a lot less electricity than desktop computers. If you are a frequent gamer, using a gaming laptop can lower your power consumption by up to 67%.

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  • Go into sleep mode

    Switch your computers power settings to go into sleep mode when you take a break from gaming, this way you will use far less electricity than if it were left switched on and addling.

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Did you know we would need 3.5 times as many tree filled football fields in the Netherlands as we currently have each year to offset the emissions from online gaming?

Online gaming is a fast growing environmental problem. In the Netherlands, over 4 million hours are spend each day playing games online. To compensate for this act of pleasure, we need to plant 17 million new trees each year. Since online gaming is seen as a form of sports, let’s compare this to the most popular sport in the Netherlands: football. To plant these 17 million trees each year, we need an area the size of 24.000 football pitches. We currently have around 7.000 pitches in the country. This means we should fill the complete stock of Dutch football pitches with trees every quarter of the year to compensate for the carbon emissions emitted through online gaming in the Netherlands.